Paul Franz (Founder, Editor-in-chief):

I have over fourteen years’ experience editing books, book chapters, and scholarly articles for academics at all stages of their careers and in disciplines across the humanities and social sciences. During my four years at the Yale Review, a leading US quarterly of arts and ideas, I rose to the rank of senior editor, commissioning and developing nonfiction writing and criticism for a general audience. I hold a PhD in English Literature from Yale University, where I specialized in British modernism; previously, I studied English and Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto (MA) and Classics at Harvard (AB).

I have edited work in disciplines and fields including Anthropology, Applied Linguistics (Second-Language Acquisition), Comparative Literature (US and Latin America), English Literature, Film Studies, French Literature, Political Theory, Psychoanalysis, History of Film Technology, and History of Mathematics Education, among others. I have worked with authors ranging from dissertation writers at the University of Toronto and Yale University to junior scholars under contract with Cornell University Press, Oxford University Press, and the University of California Press, as well as distinguished senior scholars such as the late Dori Laub (writing for Routledge) and the late Geoffrey Hartman.

I read Latin, Ancient Greek, French, and German and am happy to assist writers who work with these languages as source materials. I am always particularly glad to work with authors for whom English is a second language.

Danielle Boccelli (Associate Editor):

I am currently working on a doctorate in Information Science at Drexel University, and my primary research interests include computational methods of measuring meaning from texts in terms of underlying concepts, the nature of text as a qualitative data source, and the behavior of text under quantification. I graduated with honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Master of Science in Analytics and from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

My current research, which aims to consider the instability of meaning behind words as lossy symbols, is greatly informed by my work as an editor. Prior to starting my doctoral studies, I spent several years editing research manuscripts across disciplines relating to science, engineering, and technology. These manuscripts were primarily written by researchers for whom English is a second language, and through this experience, I developed a profound respect for language as a medium for translating intentions. Whether for measurement in analyses or proofreading toward publication, I believe that the words a person writes should be handled with great care, and to the best of my ability, I aim to respect this belief through my work.

James Duesterberg (Associate Editor):

I received my doctorate in English from the University of Chicago. I write for magazines and literary journals such as The Point, The Boston Review, and The Nation, and have worked as a copyeditor and on manuscript development for scholars. I have broad interests in literature, philosophy, art history, and political theory, and am currently working on a book, under contract with FSG, about structuralism, cybernetics, and the postwar political imagination.


Amy Pattullo (Associate Editor):

I bring many years' experience as a copyeditor, both in-house in the English as a Second Language division of the University of Michigan Press and freelance for a variety of other academic publishers, including the University of Nebraska Press, Wayne State University Press, the Jewish Publication Society, and Indiana University Press. I have edited numerous books across the humanities, specializing in Jewish Studies, where I have worked with authors such as Eugene Borowitz, Jonathan Sarna, and Israel Knohl. In addition to copyediting works in the areas of Philosophy, Political Science, History, and Literature, I developed and co-wrote Words and Actions, the selected letters and journals of Congressman Dick VanderVeen.

My academic training is in Philosophy: I am a.b.d. from the University of Chicago (MA), and graduated with Highest Honors in Philosophy and Linguistics from Wesleyan University (AB). I have reading knowledge of French and German.